Coming Soon: Woodlawn Community Arts Center

The University of Chicago Charter School has grown and will be moving to a new facility. PTDYA would like to continue to support the student body as well as the surrounding community by proposing the transformation of the former building into a Community Arts Center. The Community Arts Center will provide young people in the Woodlawn and surrounding community a safe space to develop their passion and skills in the arts during critical times (during the school day, afterschool, and summer), while contributing to the betterment of themselves and their community.

The Community Arts Center will provide a multitude of resources, such as a multifaceted television studio and editing bays, a state-of-the-art recording studio, a completely renovated theater space, fully-equipped dance studio spaces, a band room and an outdoor pavilion.

This initiative is being supported by the Office of Civic Engagement at the University of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, and the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts.

We anticipate the grand opening of this facility in the summer of 2018. The Community Arts Center promises to be the crown jewel of the Woodlawn community.